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While the Android L developer preview gives us a taste of what’s coming this fall, many of the features and improvements that were showcased at Google I/O last month are missing. So are some classic Android functions, including the ability to clear all alerts from the notification pane by tapping just one button.

Fortunately for those already running the Android L preview, there is a third-party workaround that will save you a lot of time and frustration.


The quick settings pane is one of the most useful features in more recent versions of Android, giving users fast and easy to access to a whole bunch of shortcuts and toggles for different settings and functions. The only problem is, we all want quick access to different things — depending on how we use our phones — and Google’s stock options aren’t ideal for all.

Third-parties like Samsung and HTC have addressed this complaint by giving users the option to customize their quick settings pane, and a request in the official Android issue tracker suggests may finally do the same for Android L.

The latest Android distribution figures are in!

The latest Android distribution figures are in!

Google has published the latest distribution figures for the Android operating system. The numbers, were uploaded to the official Developer Dashboard blog and reveal a consistent growth in the amount of users running KitKat (4.4), whilst older versions of the OS continue on their long path towards extinction.


HTC has today published its kernel source code for the new HTC One M8 Google Play Edition ahead of the handset’s release next month. It comes in two parts weighing in at just under 132MB combined, and it gives developers the chance to optimize their apps and build their own modifications.


Developers love getting their hands on a kernel source code, primarily because it allows them to develop some great new custom ROMs with awesome features that we don’t usually get as standard on our devices. As of today, the official Android 4.4 kernel files for the Sprint-branded Galaxy Note 3 is available to download directly from Samsung’s Open Source Release Center.

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