Want to be an app developer? Start building your skills here [Deals]


If you’re interested in learning to develop mobile apps, this course bundle, clocking in at over 77 hours, is the best way to learn how to conceive, craft, and deploy working apps on iOS and Android.

It’s a wide-ranging, deep bundle of lessons over 10 courses that can sharpen anyone’s app development chops, and right now, you can the whole thing is just $49 through Cult of Android Deals.

You can think of this collection as a sprawling boot camp for budding and experienced web developers alike.

Build 10 iOS games and 15 apps, a Zombie Game for Android and iOS using Unity. Master mobile app development in Android Marshmallow and iOS’s Swift 2. You’ll even learn to make money from your apps with savvy marketing techniques, plus plenty more.

By the end, you’ll be able to confidently stand by that ‘app development’ entry on your resume.

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