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Google updated its Chrome Beta app for Android this week, adding support for Chromecast streaming and a new feature that lets you undo closed tabs — making it quick and easy to go back to webpages you accidentally closed.


There is no denying the fact that Chrome for Android is the best browser available for the platform. Even though it feels bloated and has some serious performance issues even on today’s high-end devices, the integration that Chrome offers with its desktop counterparts and how it easily syncs all your browsing data is a big usability win.

As discovered by a Reddit user though, you can greatly speed up Chrome’s performance with just a simple tip. 


With Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, Google introduced a new Notification Listening API that allows third party apps to access all your notifications. This has allowed the developers of PushBullet to offer an extremely nifty option of mirroring all your notifications to your PC.


Opera might not be as popular among Android users as Chrome but the browser definitely gets many things right compared to the latter. Today, the Opera team has released a major v20 update to their browser with some major under the hood improvements and changes. 


Back in 2012, Google introduced Chrome for Android and paved the slow and steady way to replace the AOSP browser with it. With the Nexus 4, Google stopped shipping the AOSP browser on Nexus browser and instead replaced it with Chrome for Android.

With KitKat, Google completely killed the AOSP browser and even stopped actively updating it. 

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