Google Keep now has a Chrome extension and supports labels

It's as easy as that! GIF: Google

It’s as easy as that! GIF: Google

Saving web pages to Google Keep is now even easier, thanks to a handy Chrome extension that’s available to download now. Google has also made organizing your notes a simpler task by adding support for labels.

How many times have you been browsing the web, and stumbling across a page you know you’ll want to return to later? It might include information you need, a video you want to watch when you have more time, or something that inspired you.

Until now, adding this page to Google Keep meant you had to select and copy the URL, switch to the Keep app on your phone or in your browser, create a new note, and paste the link in. But with the new Keep extension for Chrome, it takes just two taps.

If you’re using Chrome on a desktop, you can simply click the Keep button in the toolbar. If you’re using Android, you’ll find it in the “Share via” window. You can then add the URL by itself to your Keep list, or add notes to go with it before saving.

If you have lots of notes in Keep, you can now organize them using labels. Add them using a hashtag, and all those containing the same hashtag will be grouped together. This makes it easier to find all your notes for that upcoming trip, or the project you’ve been working on.

GIF: Google

GIF: Google

You can download the Keep extension for Chrome via the source link below, while the update that adds labels is available for Android and iOS now.