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Samsung is said to be planning another new addition to its Galaxy Gear lineup that will have its own SIM card for making calls. It will be called the “Galaxy Gear Solo,” according to sources familiar with Samsung’s plans, and it could be the first smartwatch that isn’t so reliant on a smartphone.

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Yesterday, an unannounced Samsung Mobile Device, SM-T805, passed through the Bluetooth Certification HQ in the United States. Brief snippets of information included in the filing documentation reveal that we could potentially be looking at the Galaxy Tab Pro — a revamped model of the South Korean company’s former flagship tablet of 2013.


CoA-CES-2014-bugVizio is showing off a number of new Bluetooth speakers at CES in Las Vegas this week, and they’re not your average Bluetooth speakers. They come with Android-powered tablets built-in, allowing you to play music and watch movies using all your favorite apps without the need for a second device.


While adding physical controls instantly improves almost any mobile game, no one wants to carry around a big, bulky control pad all day. But it’s unlikely you’ll have any complaints about taking the iMpulse with you everywhere you go, because it’s so small it fits on your keyring — and it’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Bump Hands

Google has today announced that it will officially revoke access to the Bump and Flock apps on its Play Store as well as the Apple App Store on January 31, 2014. Consequently, this means that on the first day of February, neither app will be available to download from either of the popular app directories and those who have already installed the applications will find that they will no longer work.

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