Stunning sound, minimalist design with the Outlier wood speaker [Deal]

outlier wood speaker

The Outlier wireless wood speaker sports a polygonal design crafted with wood that’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but audiophile-approved.

The Bluetooth range is 50 feet, so you can turn it up to full blast and control your tunes from around the house. It’s not just a speaker, it’s practically a member of your home. Get yours now from Cult of Android Deals!

The Outlier gives you:

  • Bluetooth range of 50 feet
  • Modern, minimal design
  • Battery that lasts 8 hours per charge
  • Genuine wood that adds style and allows sound to resonate
  • Micro-USB port that enables easy charging
  • 3.55mm line-in input that lets you play tunes from your non-Bluetooth devices

The Outlier is a wooden masterpiece that looks right at home in any living room, home office, kitchen, or picnic table. Get yours now for $80 with free shipping from Cult of Android Deals.