Android 6.0.1 is rolling out today with a ton of new emoji

Say hello to Android's new emojis. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Say hello to Android’s new emojis. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Google’s Android 6.0.1 update is rolling out today, packing a whole bunch of new emoji and new features. This release also tweaks the user interface on tablets, and brings back the “until next alarm” option for Do Not Disturb.

With Android 6.0.1, Google has added a long list of emoji that simply weren’t supported on Android before, bringing it in line with iOS. That means that when your iPhone-owning friends send you the latest icons, you will now be able to see them.

Google has also tweaked the designs of some existing emoji icons, including the popular “pile of poo.”

Android 6.0.1 also changes the on-screen button layout on tablets, moving the home and back buttons over to the left side of the navigation bar, and pushing the recent apps button over to the right. The should make them easier to access with your thumbs while holding a large device in two hands.

Finally, Google has brought back the “until next alarm” option for Do Not Disturb, which automatically mutes all incoming notifications until your next alarm sounds. This means that rather than setting ours manually, you can just hit it before bed and your device won’t bother you until it’s time to wake up.

Unfortunately, those new emoji cannot be delivered to Android devices via a Play Store update, so those without a Nexus device will have to wait for their handset’s manufacturer to make them available. Those who do have a Nexus should be on the lookout for Android 6.0.1 today.