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BlackBerry users have been warned that calling the emergency services will not charge their phone battery after some were fooled by bogus information that was circulated online. British Police have reminded users that unnecessary calls waste resources and could put lives in danger.


BlackBerry has today announced that it is teaming up with Amazon to bring Android apps and other content to BlackBerry 10. The licensing deal will see the Amazon Appstore pre-installed with the BB 10.3 update coming this fall, making 200,000 Android apps readily available to BlackBerry users.

BlackBerry also confirmed it will be closing its own music and video stores this July.


Apple has always been keen to point out that iOS users spend more time with their devices than those who choose Android, but what exactly are they doing with them? According to statistics from Pornhub, one of the biggest and most successful free porn sites with 38 million users a day (did it need an introduction?), many of them are enjoying porn.



BlackBerry has today begun rolling out its version 2.2 update for BBM, which adds a bunch of new emoticons and makes some nice improvements. Signing up is easier than ever for new BBM users with this release — as is adding new friends to your BBM contacts list.


I can’t wait to get my hands on the OnePlus One. Its design and specifications make it one of the most exciting smartphones we’ve seen this year; it’s equipped to compete with rivals like the HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5. In addition, it’s a steal at $299.

But we know it’s not going to be easy to get hold of one — at least not initially.

You may be tempted to take part in the OnePlus “Smash the Past” competition that gives you the chance to win the new device by smashing up your old one, then — but it’s a downright stupid idea, and you shouldn’t even think about taking part.

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