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Image: Instagram/Hyperlapse

Image: Instagram/Hyperlapse

Instagram today brought added more features to its new Hyperlapse app for iOS, less than a month after it made its App Store debut. And yet, an Android version is still nowhere to be seen. It’s not that Instagram doesn’t want to bring Hyperlapse to Google Play, however — it’s that Android doesn’t currently offer the APIs it requires.

Screenshot: Goat Simulator/Google Play.

Screenshot: Goat Simulator/Google Play.

Ever fantasized about being a goat? Of course you haven’t. But you’d be surprised by just how entertaining it can be — especially when that goat is hellbent on destroying everything and near indestructible. With Goat Simulator now available on Android and iOS, that’s exactly what you can be — while at work, in the library, at a coffee shop, or just at home.


Swing Copters, the new (and immensely difficult) mobile game from Flappy Bird creator .GEARS Studios, is now top in Play Store search rankings after Google cleared out a surprisingly long list of clones. Literally hundreds of them littered the Play Store on Thursday, making the original hard to find without a direct link.


Many have tried and failed to compete with Google Play on Android, but Verizon is hoping it can buck that trend with its own app store alternative that will allow software developers to “to take full advantage of specific features of wireless-carrier networks,” The Information reports.


Almost five years after the original Angry Birds game made its debut, Rovio is keeping things fresh with a new update that adds 15 brand new levels. All are based on fan-favorite episodes, and they’re available now on both Android and iOS.

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