Google Calendar now supports reminders on Android and iOS

Reminders in Google Calendar. Photo: Google

Reminders in Google Calendar. Photo: Google

Google Calendar is bringing your appointments and to-do list together with a new update that adds support for reminders. Calendar will display your tasks and to-dos alongside meetings and events so they’re harder to forget, and sync them across Inbox, Gmail, Google Keep, and Google Now.

You won’t just see your reminders in Google Calendar, but you’ll also be able to add new ones, too. Simple tap the floating action button you would normally use to add an event and choose the “Reminder” option instead.

Calendar will then provide you with template options to make a call, send an email, check in for a flight, make a reservation, and more. Email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses are automatically added where necessary, and the reminders you create will sync across other Google apps.

Unlike regular Calendar events, which are easy to forget once they’ve passed, reminders remain in your schedule until you’ve completed them.

Support for Reminders is rolling out today on iOS, and will gradually reach all users on Android this week. If you don’t already have the Google Calendar app installed, you’ll find it in the App Store and Google Play now by following the links below.