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Google has started rolling out a new update for Chrome Beta for Android that brings with it a simplified sign-in process and some design elements from the company’s new Material Design language. 


Today, Motorola is holding a ‘mega sale’ on a small selection of its Android-compatible accessories for residents in the United States on its web store — so if you’re in the market for either a new headset, smart controller, flip stand, HDMI cable or universal power pack, then listen up as you can save up to a whopping 93% off the standard retail price on two of those items!

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HTC’s upcoming smartwatch has been the talk of the town for a while now. We know it’s on its way, but we haven’t seen any evidence confirming that its hit the production line, yet. Until now, that is. Today its been brought to our attention that the Taiwanese company has showcased its upcoming smartwatch in a ‘Behind the Scenes’ video it uploaded to YouTube a couple of weeks ago.


Today Samsung announced that owners of the original Galaxy Gear situated in the United States now have the option to upgrade their device’s operating system from Android to Tizen via the Kies desktop update assistant. This announcement comes just two months after residents in Europe received the resources to upgrade their units.


The European Commission has issued some words to Google and Apple about both companies’ steps to ensure children don’t rack up huge amounts of money on in-app purchases without their parents’ permission.

In a statement released by the Commission on Friday, Google is praised for a series of changes that will be put in effect by the end of September — while Apple finds itself on the receiving end of some harsh criticism.

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