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credit: App Annie

credit: App Annie

Android is trouncing iOS for overall downloads, says the latest report from mobile data firm App Annie. The report says, however, that when it comes to forking over cash, iOS rules.

There are more key take aways from the data which bring to light the functional differences of the two app stores and the categories and countries that are driving the continuing growth in the sector.


We are all a sucker for good deals on apps and games available on the Play Store. Even though these apps cost less than a cup of coffee, we patiently wait for them to go on sale so that we can buy them at half their price.

This is what makes Humble Bundle so popular, as it allows users to buy a bundle of games at any price they want, which in turn helps indie developers as well as charities. Today, the Humble Bundle team announced the Humble Mobile Bundle 5 that contains 6 quality games which you can buy at any price you want to pay.


Google has made it super simple to share the photos you’ve backed up to Google+ directly from Gmail on the web. When composing a new email message, users can click the insert photos button to directly insert “Auto Backup” images with just a few clicks.

Samsung Glass Side

Samsung’s fresh patent filing over at the KIPRIS (Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service) database has revealed a potential Google Glass competitor that the South Korean company has been long rumored to be working on.

Earlier in March, we got a look at the device’s user interface based on augmented reality. This patent here is filed as “Earphone” with a head-up display (HUD) in the front.


Makers of the Pressy Kickstarter project have given some good news to its backers. People who have backed this innovative little button will have their units shipped by the 28th of April.  The project which started off with a funding goal of $40,000 has now raised over $695,138 with 28,818 backers who have ordered more than 40,000 units, so it could certainly take some doing from the team to ship them out in time.

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