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The G Watch R is LG's answer to the Moto 360. Photo: LG.

The G Watch R is LG’s answer to the Moto 360. Photo: LG.

Meet LG’s answer to the Moto 360. It’s called the G Watch R, and unlike the original G Watch, it sports an attractive stainless steel design with a more traditional circular watch face, and an interchangeable leather strap. It’s set to get its official unveiling at IFA 2014 next week, but it seems LG just couldn’t keep it under wraps any longer.



Google bundles its own, traditional file manager application into every build of the Android operating system it distributes. Although it’s adequate, many manufacturers tend to remove and replace it with their own version. Unfortunately, though, these always seem to be extremely overwhelming and way too difficult to use. However, you may be unaware that you can actually replace your default file manager to one of your choosing and what’s more it’s super easy to do.

Android handset fragmentation in 2013 vs 2014

Android handset fragmentation in 2013 vs 2014

Now that Samsung is pretty much the only Android handset manufacturer making any money, you’d think that Android’s fragmentation problem would start to get better, but the latest Android fragmentation report from OpenSignal reveals the madness of developing for multiple screen sizes, hardware specs, and various versions of Android, has only gotten worse over the last year.

Shazam Redesign

Shazam is currently in the process of distributing a much-anticipated functionality update for its official Android client via the Google Play Store. Technically it’s not an upgrade, though, simply because it just a reinstatement of a feature that was previously present in the application.


On Wednesday, August 6, the folks over at Humble Bundle launched its latest “pay what you want” deal with six fantastic Android games up for grabs. Now the team are rolling out an update for its Android application which brings a completely new user interface, together with the inclusion of three more games to its lineup.

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