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Android is the biggest platform on the planet, so building apps for it can be incredibly lucrative. What’s more, leaning Android development isn’t as hard or as expensive as you might think. In fact, this Learn to Develop for Android course from Cult of Android Deals will teach you all you need to know to build and publish your own apps for just $19.


Prime just keeps getting better. Screenshot: Cult of Android

Amazon Prime has always been a pretty incredible deal, and it just keeps getting better. As of today, Amazon is giving all subscribers unlimited photo storage at no extra cost with a new cloud-based backup service called Prime Photos.


Former Android head Andy Rubin answers questions in 2008. Photo: Karitsu/Flickr CC

Andy Rubin, co-founder and former head of Android, has left Google to start up a hardware incubator dedicated to building robots.

Rubin helped establish Android as the world’s most widely-used mobile operating system after it was bought by Google in 2005, before switching to run Google’s robotics business last year.

San Andreas is 10 years old today. Photo: Rockstar

San Andreas is 10 years old today. Photo: Rockstar

If you haven’t already picked up Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series on Android and iOS, you’re missing out on some of the best console games ever brought to mobile. But now’s your chance to get them super cheap, which GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas all reduced to celebrate the latter’s 10th anniversary.

Who will you wind up sitting with? Photo: James Vaughan/Flickr CC

Who will you wind up sitting with? Photo: James Vaughan/Flickr CC

Have you ever wished for an app that lets you know exactly who you’ll be sitting next to on a flight — right down to perusing your would-be neighbor’s Facebook profile to see what you have in common?

A new social check-in feature for airline app Quicket lets you choose a seat on an airplane, then immediately check who you’ll be paired with, complete with an optional link to their social media page.

Yes, it’s possibly the year’s creepiest app feature, and one that’s not even trying to hide its reason for existing. Check out this excerpt from its press release:

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