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Andy continues on his quest to eliminate the competition one core at a time in today’s free wallpaper.


After his short break, Andy is back at work eliminating the competition byte by byte in today’s free wallpaper. 


For the past few weeks an upcoming Android update has been the talk of the town. Despite a few leaks, there’s been no real evidence to suggests what the upgrade may contain — it’s been pure speculation. Until today, that is. We now have our first screenshot of the build, straight from the horses mouth.


A new concept by product designer Samuel Herb shows the vast potential of Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone, which will start hitting the markets in early 2015. This concept appeals to the gamers and shows a hinged controller with a complete set of gaming buttons available on the front along with the traditional R and L buttons on the back of the device.

HTC Software Update

HTC recently started a website which would let users know when the Android 4.4 update for their smartphone is ready. This page has now transitioned into a dedicated Sense 6.0 update page allowing users to keep track of the status of the UI update for their 2013 HTC One series handset which includes the One Max as well as the One Mini.

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