Something much more ambitious than Google Voice is coming.

Something much more ambitious than Google Voice is coming.

Pretty soon you’ll be able to buy a Nexus smartphone that works with Google’s own wireless network. The company is close to offering its own mobile phone plans directly to customers, a move that would allow Google to control the entire phone experience from top to bottom.

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Sprint and social network startup Path are getting cozier. The two companies have announced a partnership of sorts. Sprint will place Path in the “Discover It” widget it preloads onto newer Android devices like the Galaxy S4 and HTC One. In turn, Path will reap the benefits of being displayed front and center to all of Sprint’s Android users.


Today AT&T updated its store trade-in program to incentivize more customers to trade in used smartphones for an upgrade. The carrier is now giving $100+ credits towards the purchase of a new smartphone with a two-year plan. The catch is that you have to trade in a smartphone that is “no more than three years old and in good, working condition.”


AT&T opened preorders for the Samsung Galaxy S4 this morning. The 16GB model costs $200 with a two-year carrier contract, or off-contract for $639. The S4 is currently available in two colors: “Black Mist” and “White Frost.”

According to AT&T’s website, preorders will ship Tuesday, April 30th and arrive on Friday, May 3rd. Some users were reporting issues with AT&T processing orders earlier this morning, but hopefully the issues have been fixed since then. A 32GB model isn’t available for preorder yet, but don’t be surprised to see it appear soon.

US Cellular, a smaller U.S. carrier, also started accepting S4 preorders today.


Samsung debuted its flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone at a press event earlier this month, and now AT&T has announced availability and pricing on its network. The S4 will be available for preorder on AT&T Tuesday, April 16th and sell for $250 with a two-year contract.

“We are proud to offer this iconic device and continue to offer our customers the best smartphone line-up, with a variety of devices for every lifestyle and budget,” said AT&T in a press release. T-Mobile said that it plans to offer the device around May 1st. Still no word from Verizon or Sprint yet.

We still don’t know what storage capacity is being sold for $250, but those kinds of details will likely trickle out closer to launch. You can find out more info and place your preorder on AT&T’s website.

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