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You could say the battle is heating up. Okay, we'll stop now. Photo: TechRax

You could say the battle is heating up. Okay, we’ll stop now. Photo: TechRax

With strong reviews and positive word of mouth behind both the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6, the battle between the two flagship devices is what the smartphone-watching world deserves.

But there’s one more question that precisely nobody’s been asking up until now: Which one would survive longer in a tub of boiling water?

Yep, as wacky stress tests go, you can forget about accusations of bending — this one takes the cake.


Ignore the slightly hammy acting, this is actually pretty great! Photo: Sprint

Eligible for an upgrade on your Sprint handset? If so, you may be able to take advantage of a great new offer from the company, whereby a Sprint representative will personally deliver your new phone and configure it for you — all from the comfort of your home.

Check out a video below.

Even Alanis

Way more ironic than a free ride when you’ve already paid. Photo: Maverick Records

You know Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker which copied Apple designs en route to becoming the world’s most valuable startup?

Well, depending on who you are, get ready to bust out a tune on the world’s smallest violin, because Xiaomi’s quest to conquer the smartphone-owning world has apparently hit a bit of a snag: people keep copying its designs.

Yes, seriously.

Yes, this wasn't cheap. Photo:

Yes, this wasn’t cheap. Photo: Mobile Today

It’s well known that Samsung is happy to take a bit of inspiration from Apple when it comes to the look and feel of its mobile devices, but it’s also willing to splash the cash to try and match Apple’s strategy of establishing itself as an upmarket designer brand.

At a time when Apple is focusing on getting its Apple Watch sold alongside luxury fashion brands in department stores, Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones have popped up in full-window displays as the chic Harrods store in London, where they will be displayed until April 26.

"I have the power! smartwatch!" Photo:

“I have the power! smartwatch!” Photo: Filmation Associates/Mattel

Samsung’s not had too much luck with smartwatches, but a newly-published patent application shows that it’s not ready to throw in the towel just yet.

The patent describes what is less a traditional watch than a wristband or He-Man-style manacle. It features a wraparound widescreen display, able to function in both bent and flat states, and describes its possible applications as multimedia viewing and communication.

After all, you never know when you’ll need to summon Battle Cat to help in your ongoing war with Skeletor and his cronies!

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