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A welcome surprise. Photo: Microsoft

A welcome surprise. Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft had a surprise up its Windows-loving sleeve today in the form of a new Surface laptop called the Surface Book, the first laptop in history to be built by the company.

Hailed as the, “thinnest, most powerful PC ever created,” the distinctive-looking Surface Book weighs just 1.6 lbs, is 7.7 mm thick, and boasts a 13.5-inch detachable display with 267ppi.

Photo: Microsoft

Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft’s not taking the threat of the iPad Pro lying down. During today’s keynote event, the company called its brand new 12.3-inch Surface Pro 4 “the most productive device on the planet.”

“We have competitors. You may have noticed,” said Microsoft hardware guru Panos Panay as he introduced the tablet. “They’re chasing it, it’s pretty cool.”

The Surface Pro 4 doesn’t look bad, either.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Note 5

Samsung is going back to the Cupertino well. Photo: Samsung

Just days after being told to stop ripping off Apple’s designs, Samsung is reportedly getting ready to “borrow” another of Cupertino’s ideas — this time with a program for leasing its Galaxy handsets to U.S. customers, much like Apple announced two weeks back with its iPhone Upgrade Program.


Not content with making displays, memory chips, storage, and whatever else for rival handsets, Samsung is reportedly looking to take on Corning’s with a shatterproof Gorilla Glass alternative — currently code-named “Turtle.”

Yep, this clearly struck a nerve. Photo: Google

Yep, this clearly struck a nerve. Photo: Google

Android fans have made it clear that they are not happy that Apple’s first-ever app for Android is an undisguised attempt to get them to pack in their Samsung Galaxy S5 or Moto X for a shiny new iPhone 6s.

Since debuting yesterday in time for the launch of iOS 9, Android lovers have “awarded” Apple’s Move to iOS app a massive 2,736 1-star reviews in the Google Play Store, with reviews ranging from the angry to the… well, angrier.

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