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Tony Fadell wants to do with Google Glass what Apple did with the iPhone. Photo: LeWeb

When Tony Fadell was put in charge of Google Glass earlier this year, we wrote that the father of the iPod had been “tasked with saving Google Glass from extinction.”

According to a new interview with the Nest co-founder, that’s not entirely accurate, though. Fadell says that rather than being saddled with the project by Google, he actively asked for it.

“It wasn’t handed to me and said, ‘Tony clean it up,'” he explained. “I offered. I remember what it was like when we did the iPod and the iPhone [at Apple]. I think this can be that important, but it’s going to take time to get it right.”

Gameloft isn't swinging as high as it once was.

Gameloft isn’t swinging as high as it once was.

Gameloft, a.k.a. one of the most important publishers in mobile gaming, has announced that it’s closing its NYC studio effective immediately.

As the studio behind some of the best-selling games of the past decade-and-a-half, including the great Spider-Man Unlimited game, the announcement leaves close to 100 people without jobs.

The Note 5 is on the way, before the iPhone 6 gets to customers first. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

The Note 5 is on the way, before the iPhone 6 gets to customers first.

Samsung may have strenuously previously denied that it, but evidence is mounting that the company is indeed rushing to release the Galaxy Note 5 ahead of the iPhone 6s.

According to a new report, Samsung plans to launch the device in mid-August — one month earlier than previous incarnations of the Note, which typically arrived in September.


Newsflash — Windows Phone struggling to compete.

Remember that time Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer openly laughed at the iPhone? Well, it turns out the phone business isn’t so easy after all, because for the second year in a row Microsoft has announced it’s laying off large numbers of people — this time mainly involved with Windows Phone hardware.

Despite cutting a total of 7,800 jobs, however, Microsoft insists it’s not throwing in the towel on its Windows Phone division, and still plans to push forward with Windows 10 Mobile and launch new Lumia flagship devices later in 2015.

The cause of many of Samsung's problems.

The cause of many of Samsung’s problems.

If there’s one area Samsung would dearly love to copy Apple it’s not smartwatches or tablets or store design or even smartphones — but profits.

Despite protesting earlier reports that the Galaxy S6 was proving to be a gigantic sales disaster for the stumbling South Korean tech giant, Samsung’s forecast operating profits released today show not only 8.4 percent fewer sales and a 4 percent earnings decrease from this time last year, but the company’s 7th consecutive quarterly earnings decrease in a row.

Someone’s in a Galaxy of trouble right now!

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