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Today’s free wallpaper, Honeycomb, is a simple line drawing that represents bees’ amazing output, complete with the Android logo we all know and love stamped right in the middle. Pretty sweet, huh?


Today’s free wallpaper, Droidboard, is just a simple render of a motherboard with an Android-branded CPU embedded in the center. But it looks great.


The President of HTC America, Jason Mackenzie, has officially revealed on Twitter that the company’s former flagship smartphone of 2013, the HTC One (M7), is scheduled to receive the much-anticipated Sense 6 update before the end of May, 2014. Unfortunately, the above deadline is currently only for unlocked and carrier-branded variants of the smartphone located in the United States and Canada — so European folk are in the dark for now.


Samsung launched its flagship smartphone of 2014, the Galaxy S5, in a whopping 125 countries on Friday, and for many customers who were lucky enough to get their hands on one, it was their first IP67 certified waterproof smartphone — so it’s only natural that they were eager to get it home and submerge the handset in water to put it through its paces.

Once they’ve played around with their new phone for an hour or two, owners will then probably want to personalize it as best as they can; this usually comes in the form of purchasing skins, decals or even replacement housing. That’s where this post comes into play. Since Friday, we have seen a shedload of third-party backplates designed exclusively for the Galaxy S5 appear on eBay. However, we strongly recommend you refrain from buying one.

Here’s why.

Key Lime Pie

Today’s free wallpaper, Key Lime Pie, is a bright and appetizing mockup of what’s rumored to be the next major version of Google’s mobile software (Android 5.0, though nothing has been confirmed as of yet).

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