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After his short break, Andy is back at work eliminating the competition byte by byte in today’s free wallpaper. 


For the past few weeks an upcoming Android update has been the talk of the town. Despite a few leaks, there’s been no real evidence to suggests what the upgrade may contain — it’s been pure speculation. Until today, that is. We now have our first screenshot of the build, straight from the horses mouth.


Back in February, Google finally released the Google Cast Software Development Kit (SDK) for its first ever cloud streaming dongle, Chromecast, and now at last, we’re beginning to see some really great third-party applications from developers emerge on the Play Store. The latest and most impressive app to launch is called CloudCaster and, as the name suggests, is focused on streaming media stored in the cloud directly to your Chromecast unit.


Today’s free wallpaper shows Andy returning back to Earth with a belly full of eggs and a bag full of goodies. We hope you had a great Easter.


Today’s free wallpaper, Android In Space, shows Andy the Droid scouring the universe for more Easter eggs.

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