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When Google Glass first went on sale to a select few members of the beta testing public back in April, 2013, there were only two major complaints — one was the non-inclusion of an external speaker, and the other its design. Within a matter of months, the search engine giant resolved the first issue by introducing a mono earbud, and now it looks like it’s addressing the second.


Samsung has just applied for a trademark on the name “Galaxy Note Edge” for what could possibly be the recently-rumored curved variant of the Note 4. The handset’s believed to boast a single display that wraps around its edges — so, by all accounts, it certainly seems like it would be a rather fitting name.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 14.27.08

Motorola has just applied for a trademark on the “Moto Maxx” moniker. Unfortunately, it’s unclear at this stage what the name could to be used for, primarily due to the combination of names from two different ranges of smartphones, but, of course, its certainly got us thinking.


Samsung has applied for a trademark on the name “Gear S” for what could be the recently-rumored Gear Solo, which is presumed to be a standalone, Tizen-powered variant of the Gear 2 with compatibility for a SIM card, SMS and cellular connectivity (4G LTE).


Samsung has applied for a trademark on the name “NX Mini” for what could be an upcoming scaled-down variant of its first Android-powered mirrorless camera, which made its debut in November last year. The NX was welcomed by many keen photographers who wanted to experiment with the functionality that the open-source operating system had to offer.

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