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Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 14.14.49Moshi has announced the Cardette 3, the latest addition to its best-selling media card reader line, at CES in Las Vegas today.  The full-featured card reader supports the latest high-performance memory cards, including CF and SDHC/XC, and boasts super speedy USB 3.0 and UHS-I compatibility.

NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor powers some of today’s most impressive Android devices, and you certainly wouldn’t call it dated. But the company has another processor up its sleeve that blows the Tegra 3 right out of the water. A slide, purportedly detailing the next-generation Tegra 4 (nicknamed “Wayne”), has been leaked — and it reveals that NVIDIA plans to bring a “Quad Core Eagle” CPU with 72-core graphics to your smartphone.

There’s a problem I often run into with my mobile devices, and that’s not enough storage space. I insist on purchasing devices with just 16GB of memory, and then I have to find ways to manage that storage the best I can. Some devices will take microSD cards that will allow you to bump their storage as and when you need it, but others — like Apple’s iOS devices — don’t come with that luxury.

Vantec’s new NexStar WiFi hard drive dock lets you bump your smartphone, tablet, and even PC storage over Wi-Fi. You can use it to store your audio and video collections on your home network, then use Vantec’s dedicated apps to access them wirelessly when you need to.