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Pizza tracking on Android Wear. Photo: Domino's

Pizza tracking on Android Wear. Photo: Domino’s

Fancy pizza but can’t be bothered to find your phone? We’ve all been there, and it’s not a pretty place. But now you don’t have to fall asleep hungry wondering what you’re doing with your life, because Domino’s finally lets you order and track a pizza from your smartwatch.

Will the ZenWatch be Asus' last Android Wear device? Photo: Asus

Will the ZenWatch be Asus’ last Android Wear device? Photo: Asus

Following the launch of its well-received ZenWatch late last year, Asus has been promising us another fancy new smartwatch with incredible battery life. But unfortunately for Android Wear fans, the company will be snubbing Google’s platform in favor of its own.



A mobile phone in the hands of your kid can be a liability. But it can also be guardian angel — it all depends on how it’s used. MobileKids is a free iPhone and Android app that enhances a phone’s guardian angel-like qualities while putting the liabilities on lockdown.


If you lose a smartphone and you use a service that can track its location via GPS, ignore it when it tells you that your handset is a Wayne Dobson’s house. For the past two years, this 59-year-old retiree has had cellphone owners showing up at his Las Vegas home demanding their devices back. They turn up at all hours of the day, yelling and threatening to call the police.

But Dobson is no thief, and he doesn’t have their phones. It’s a strange glitch that appears to be affecting devices on Sprint, and its making this man’s life a misery.

Many Google Now users are being treated to an unexpected surprise: a card that shows you how many miles you’ve walked or biked in any particular month. This is most likely the first month this features has begun tracking but it’s a handy dandy tool to keep track of just how much exercise you’ve been getting. As of right now, reports of accuracy are mixed, but we’re guessing this is due to no one knowing exactly when Google activated the feature.

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