Surprise! Google Now Says You’ve Walked 11 Miles In The Month Of October

Many Google Now users are being treated to an unexpected surprise: a card that shows you how many miles you’ve walked or biked in any particular month. This is most likely the first month this features has begun tracking but it’s a handy dandy tool to keep track of just how much exercise you’ve been getting. As of right now, reports of accuracy are mixed, but we’re guessing this is due to no one knowing exactly when Google activated the feature.

It seems to be automatic as we’ve yet to find a setting for it, however, at the bottom of the card it does read:

“Based on your device’s location which is periodically sent to Google.”

If this information is only periodically sent, then I can’t possible believe these numbers are accurate. Now that everyone is aware of the feature, I’m betting we’ll see people put it to the test to see just how accurate it is. As long as this feature is close to your actual miles walked/biked, I’d say it’s a safe gauge for your monthly activity and possibly an incognito motivational coach.

I haven’t received this card because I don’t have Google location services activated, so if you’re not seeing it, this could be the reason why.

Have you seen the pedometer card pop up yet? How many miles have you walked/biked in the month of October?