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Android rules the worldwide smartphone market when it comes to market share, and its dominance in China could have a lot to do with that. At the end of the first quarter of 2013, Google’s platform claimed a whopping 51.4% share of all smartphones owned in China.


Nearly three in every four smartphones sold during the first quarter of 2013 were running Android, according to the latest statistics from the analysts at Gartner. Google’s operating system grabbed a whopping 74% of the market share during the three-month period, while Apple’s iOS came in second with 18.2%.

Companies choosing to build Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Symbian powered devices might want to look away now.


Although Nokia has built up a pretty strong relationship with Microsoft in recent years, there have always been questions over whether the company might one day try its luck with Android. But despite seeing lackluster success with Windows Phone, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has ruled out any switch to a competing platform.


This weekend, comScore released smartphone manufacturer and operating system data for the first quarter of 2013, in the U.S. market. The figures are very interesting, showing Android continuing to dominate the market with a whopping 52% market share for operating system.


WhatsApp has denied that it is holding sales talks with Google following reports that the company is on the verge of a $1 billion buyout. One source claimed last week that the hugely popular cross-platform messaging service has been in talks with Google for the last 4-5 weeks, but WhatsApp’s business development lead, Neeraj Arora, denies any discussions.

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