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No, that headline isn’t wrong — Samsung has actually made a Galaxy commercial for the Super Bowl that doesn’t such. It features Knocked Up stars Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd, who play two writers pitching ideas for Samsung’s next commercial to Breaking Bad’s Bob Odenkirk.

It doesn’t mock other companies or rival devices, and it’s actually pretty hilarious. Check it out below.

Following Apple’s Google’s leap into 3D mapping technologies, Amazon has acquired a 3D mapping startup of its own. The online retail giant today sealed a deal to purchase UpNext in a move that could signal the company’s intentions to bring 3D maps to its Kindle Fire slate without any assistance from Google.

Samsung continues with their ad campaign of portraying the competition as feeble cattle being led to slaughter. I’m starting to think they’re over-hyping this a bit, but considering they purchased a multi-million dollar 90 second spot during the Super Bowl, I’d say they can do pretty much anything they want (wish I had that kind of cash to blow).