The Samsung Ad Campaign Continues: Gearing Up For The Next Big Thing [Video]

Samsung continues with their ad campaign of portraying the competition as feeble cattle being led to slaughter. I’m starting to think they’re over-hyping this a bit, but considering they purchased a multi-million dollar 90 second spot during the Super Bowl, I’d say they can do pretty much anything they want (wish I had that kind of cash to blow).

We’ve already learned that the “Next Big Thing” Samsung is hyping will be the 5.3″ Galaxy Note. It’s quite bewildering that they would invest so much money in a niche device such as the Note when they have put so little into devices such as the Galaxy Nexus! I’m guessing AT&T is splitting the Super Bowl ad with Samsung, that’s the only thing I can come up with. If you’re not already sick of this Samsung campaign then you won’t mind seeing their teaser ad for their upcoming Super Bowl ad (which is essentially old ads).