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Apple has made the iPhone more enterprise-friendly with almost every release of iOS, but some might say the company’s popular smartphone still isn’t ideal for business. When I say “some,” I mean Samsung. The Korean company just released a strange new advert to promote the enterprise features of its Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, and it couldn’t help but bash the iPhone and even BlackBerry devices at the same time.


If you’ve recently purchased a Galaxy S III Mini and you’re disappointed it doesn’t have NFC connectivity, then look away now. Samsung has confirmed that a new version of the device, with NFC equipped, will be launched in the United Kingdom before the end of January. The update will give the Galaxy S III Mini Samsung’s S Beam system, as well as W-Fi Direct support.

Want to know why Apple doesn’t use NFC? Because no one at Apple has as cool a wife as the one in Samsung’s latest Galaxy S III commercial. Samsung shows off the spicy side of their S-Beam feature (you know, “that thing”), which uses NFC and Wi-Fi Direct to “beam” content between compatible devices.