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Gello is based on Chromium and customizable. Photo: CyanogenMod

Gello is based on Chromium and customizable. Photo: CyanogenMod

The creators of CyanogenMod have this week lifted the lid on Gello, a new, open-source browser for Android that’s based on Google’s Chromium. It features a customizable user interface, a “save for offline” reading mode, site-by-site privacy settings, and other neat features.


Despite Apple’s incredible success with the iPhone, company co-founder Steve Wozniak believes it should make a new Android-powered smartphone and “play in two arenas at the same time.” Woz believes such a device could compete very well in the Android market against rival manufacturers like Samsung and Motorola.


Although Mozilla has stated that it won’t produce hardware for its upcoming Firefox OS, the company has teamed up with Spanish startup Geeksphone to offer a pair of developer devices. Called Keon and Peak, the devices are designed to provide developers with the opportunity to “tap the future of mobile” and get to grips with the platform that will soon be trying to steal marketshare from Android and iOS.