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Earlier this year, Google released its own anti-theft tracking service for Android devices dubbed Android Device Manager (ADM). While the service does what its meant to, it does not take true advantage of Android openness.

Long before ADM was even available though, Cerberus has been my anti-theft client of choice, largely because of its ability to work over SMSes and the other advanced features it offers. Today, the developer has made new account registrations for the service free, in order to celebrate its third launch anniversary, making it a good time to grab the app. 


Apple wants Samsung to pay a $40 license fee for every smartphone and tablet it sells after the South Korean company infringed five patents with a number of Galaxy-branded devices.

That’s right… just five patents, $40 for every device. It’s a pretty surprising demand — especially after Apple recently stated that monetary damages were “not an adequate remedy” for Samsung’s patent infringing ways.


Samsung has agreed a patent licensing deal with Ericsson to end an ongoing legal dispute that began back in 2012. The South Korean company will pay royalty costs and an initial licensing fee to gain access to numerous Ericsson patents covering LTE, UMTS, and GSM network standards.

Struggling Kodak has finally agreed to sell its digital imaging patents to Intellectual Ventures and RPX Corporation — two consortiums backed by Apple, Google, Microsoft, and others — for $525 million. Kodak will receive a portion of the money from 12 intellectual property licensees, with each licensee receiving rights to the patents, while another portion will be paid by Intellectual Ventures, which will then acquire the digital imaging patent portfolio, plus the new and existing licenses.