Cerberus, the best anti-theft client for Android, is free for the next 30 hours


Earlier this year, Google released its own anti-theft tracking service for Android devices dubbed Android Device Manager (ADM). While the service does what its meant to, it does not take true advantage of Android openness.

Long before ADM was even available though, Cerberus has been my anti-theft client of choice, largely because of its ability to work over SMSes and the other advanced features it offers. Today, the developer has made new account registrations for the service free, in order to celebrate its third launch anniversary, making it a good time to grab the app. 

What makes Cerberus so special

Unlike Android Device Manager, Cerberus packs in many advanced features which will come in handy in case your Android device gets stolen or lost. These go beyond the simple web tracking and remote locking features, which becomes useless once the thief disables mobile data or does a factory reset of the device.

Below are some notable features that make Cerberus stand out from the crowd:

  • The ability to install as a system app (Root required)
  • Locating a device using SMS commands
  • SIM checker
  • Remote locking
  • Remotely retrieve the call log, messages and contents of the SD card
  • Automatically get a picture emailed to you every time a wrong unlock code or passcode is entered
  • Completely hide Cerberus from the app drawer
  • Remotely record audio or click a picture

If your Android device ever gets stolen, it is just a matter of time before the thief does a factory reset and throws your SIM card, which should be enough to make most anti-theft apps useless though.

With Cerberus though, you can still track your device as the app is still working in stealth mode. As soon as the thief inserts his SIM card, your pre-specified contacts should automatically receive an SMS containing the location of your phone and other relevant details about the inserted SIM card.

It’s free for today

A lifetime license of Cerberus usually costs $4.99 for up to three devices. However, in order to celebrate the third anniversary of the app, the developer is giving away free license to anyone who registers for a Cerberus account for the next 30 hours. You can download Cerberus from the Play Store and then head over to its website to register for a new account.

So, what are you waiting for? The clock’s already ticking.