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LMcable Kickstarter

The LMcable can connect to most of the stuff you own. Source: LMcable

It might sound like the black-and-white portion of a late-night informercial, but the fact is that we have a lot of stuff that needs charging and syncing, and not every cable will work. But the LMcable, which is currently seeking support on crowdfunding site Kickstarter, aims to take some of that pain away.

It’s a cool idea: One end of the LMcable is a standard USB plug that fits into your computer or wall adapter. The business end, however, is a multitasker. Orient it one way, and it’s a micro USB bit; flip it over, and it fits the Lightning port standard to Apple’s mobile devices. And anything that might help out our increasingly tangle-prone cord storage is alright by us.

The Web Address by Everyone Ever Internet Explorer

Goodbye, Internet Explorer. We won’t miss all of those security breaches. Photo: Everyone Ever

Internet Explorer is dead, and some nerdy designers are taking their good-riddance to Kickstarter.

The campaign will produce classy, poster-sized screen prints of a fictional speech that perfectly captures how little anyone will actually miss the maligned web browser. It’s seeking a measly $500 to start production, with extra money going toward making the prints available in additional languages.


The Tilt stand lets you use your smartphone without removing it. Photo: Tilt

It’s pretty difficult to use your smartphone while it’s standing vertically. That’s why when we place our phones on a dock or stand, we tend to neglect them until they’re done charging. Challenging this habit are the makers of the Tilt stand, who seem to think you should be able to use your phone while it’s getting juiced.

The Remix Mini is a small, affordable Android PC. Photo: Jide

The Remix Mini is a small, affordable Android PC. Photo: Jide

You probably don’t tend to think of Android when it’s time to buy a new computer, but you probably should. The Remix Mini is a tiny PC that packs decent specifications and runs entirely on Android — and you can secure yours through Kickstarter now for just $20.


This Bluetooth-enabled LED flash has already raised more than double its Kickstarter goal. Photo: iblazr lab

After a successful round of funding on Kickstarter in 2013, the makers of the iblazr are back with a new generation: the iblazr 2. The LED flash accessory for iOS and Android has now gone wireless and includes a number of features and improvements to help your phone’s cameras out at night when it tends to struggles the most.

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