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Another chapter has closed in the Apple/Samsung patent saga thanks to a couple decisions handed down today by Judge Lucy Koh. Apple has been denied its bid for a permanent sales ban against the 26 Samsung devices found to have infringed on a handful of Apple’s patents back in August. According to the Koh, those infringed patents are but a small fraction of the overall features that make up Samsung’s devices and thus do not warrant a permanent ban.

It appears Samsung will have a bit of time before Apple gets its injunction hearing, as it’s being reported that Judge Koh has set the hearing date for December 6. That’s more than three months away and isn’t really what Apple was hoping for. Apple was shooting for a quicker hearing date in order to get Samsung’s infringing products off of shelves as soon as possible. Apple is gearing up for the launch of its next iPhone and with the holiday season right around the corner, they don’t want consumers confusing these infringing products for iPhones.