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Wondering when you’ll be able to pick up the successor to the HTC One? Well, wonder no more.

Thanks to the High Court ruling published by Judge Richard Arnold this week, which bans sales of the HTC One mini in the U.K. from December 6 thanks to a successful injunction from Nokia, we know the new HTC One will be here around February.


The HTC One mini, the smaller and cheaper version of HTC’s flagship smartphone, has been banned in the United Kingdom after Nokia won a patent infringement injunction against the device. HTC must cease selling the device on Friday, December 6.


Samsung has today lost its High Court battle against Apple in the United Kingdom after a judge deemed that the patents the Korean company was using in its case should have never been granted.

Apple has now fended off 24 patent-infringement claims from Samsung, and Samsung’s bid to secure a 2.4% royalty on every 3G-equipped device the Cupertino company sells is looking increasingly unlikely.


A Dutch court has today ruled that a number of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab tablets do not infringe Apple designs. The court cited a previous decision made by a High Court in the United Kingdom back in October 2012, which ruled Samsung’s devices are “not as cool” because they lacked the “extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design.”