Dutch Court Rules Samsung Galaxy Tabs Do Not Infringe Apple Designs


A Dutch court has today ruled that a number of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab tablets do not infringe Apple designs. The court cited a previous decision made by a High Court in the United Kingdom back in October 2012, which ruled Samsung’s devices are “not as cool” because they lacked the “extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design.”

The ruling concerns the Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Galaxy Tab 8.9, and the Galaxy Tab 7.7, and it means these devices are not at risk of being banned in the Netherlands. Apple has been successful in securing sales bans against Samsung devices in other parts of Europe in the past, but the Netherlands becomes the second country to dismiss Apple’s claims.

When Apple lost its appeal in the U.K. back in October, a judge ordered the Cupertino company to print “prominent advertisements” in British newspapers and magazines explaining that Samsung did not copy its designs. Apple also published a statement on its website back in November, but a judge forced the company to amend it and make it easier for visitors to find.

Apple and Samsung are currently fighting each other with various patent disputes in at least ten countries.

“We continue to believe that Apple was not the first to design a tablet with a rectangular shape and rounded corners and that the origins of Apple’s registered design features can be found in numerous examples,” Samsung said today in a statement to Reuters.