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Samsung promised us a smartphone made from “new materials,” and while it hasn’t shunned tacky plastic altogether, its new Galaxy Alpha is a huge step in the right direction. It’s the South Korean company’s first smartphone with a metal frame, and at just 6.7mm thick, it looks great.


Samsung starting taking pre-orders for its new Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 in the United Kingdom yesterday, and those who placed an order would have paid £649 for it. But quite incredibly, they could have gotten it £100 cheaper from Carphone Warehouse.

A Galaxy S5 concept by Tobias Hornof.

A Galaxy S5 concept by Tobias Hornof.

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 might be just 7 months old, but rumor has it the South Korean company is already planning to launch its successor in the first quarter of 2014. During the same three-month period, it’s also expected to unveil a Galaxy Note 3 “Lite” and a number of entry-level devices, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans.


Now that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 launch is out of the way, phablet fans can look forward to the next-generation Galaxy Note. Speculation surrounding the device and its features has been rife in recent months, and that’s only going to increase as we near closer to the handset’s launch.

Especially when we see purported benchmarks of the device popping up online.


There are a number of images making their way around the web this morning that supposedly depict the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S IV. Some believe them to be genuine Samsung renders that have been leaked ahead of the handset’s grand unveiling — but they’re not.

In fact, they’re nothing more than retailer mockups that are being used to promote the device while the official shots are unavailable.

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