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Boom, baby.

Boom, baby.

According to the latest report on smartphone subscriber market share from comScore, Apple still tops out over Samsung for market dominance, with both companies showing decent gains. HTC, Motorola, and LG are also in the top five smartphone makers, but lost market share this past quarter.


This weekend, comScore released smartphone manufacturer and operating system data for the first quarter of 2013, in the U.S. market. The figures are very interesting, showing Android continuing to dominate the market with a whopping 52% market share for operating system.


Apple and Samsung are the only two smartphone manufacturers currently seeing any growth in the United States. The pair are slowly eating away at the market share held by their rivals, including LG, Motorola, Research in Motion, and HTC. In the three months leading up to November 2012, Samsung increased its market share from 25.7% to 26.9%, but Apple is catching up with the Cupertino company enjoying slightly more growth.

Report after report, same old, same old: Android and iOS continue to kick everyone’s arse in the mobile market. The latest comScore report is out, and once again, these two remain the only ones gaining any market share. Android continues to lead the pack with 48.6% (up 2.3 percentage points) while iOS remains in second with 29.5% (up 1.4 percentage points). Everyone else continues to lose market share with RIM holding the third position at 15.2% (down 2 percentage points. After that it’s Microsoft with 4.4% (down 1 percentage point) followed by Symbian with 1.5% (down .1 percentage point). Overall Android and iOS occupy 78.1% of the market with no signs of slowing down.

The latest comScore numbers are out and Samsung and Android continue to lead the pack. According to the three month average period ending December 2011, Samsung has held on as the top OEM with 25.3 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers. LG and Motorola took the number 2 and 3 spots, and even though Apple was in fourth, they were the only OEM to gain market share (up 2.2 points). As far as operating systems go, Google and Apple continue to be the only two gaining any ground.

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