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Jesse Carter, the Android developer who scammed tens of thousands of users with a fake antivirus app, has admitted he made a “foolish mistake.”

Using the name Deviant Solutions, Carter released the Virus Shield app that promised to protect smartphones and tablets from dangerous files. It was priced at $3.99 and quickly rocketed to the top of the Google Play Store’s paid chart after attracting over 30,000 downloads.

The only problem was, Virus Shield didn’t actually do anything.


Are you still using your Mac or PC without an antivirus application? Don’t leave your personal data vulnerable. Get Bitdefender Antivirus today for just $40 and save $20 off its regular retail price. It’s the first and only antivirus software that protects two operating systems on one computer, which makes it ideal for those who run Windows on their Mac.


When it comes to protecting my Nexus 4 from malware and malicious apps, I’ve found Lookout for Android to be the best solution. Not only is it a great antivirus service, but it also offers features that’ll backup all of your data to the cloud, and locate your device in the event that it’s lost or stolen.

The app’s latest feature, Lock Cam, will help you identify your smartphone’s user by taking a picture of them when they enter an incorrect password too many times.

Android’s built-in malware scanner can’t be completely trusted just yet.

With its Android 4.2 Jelly Bean upgrade, Google provided its users with extra protection by introducing an extended malware scanner that’s designed to prevent malicious applications from making their way onto your smartphone or tablet. Not only does it scan the apps you download from Google Play, but also those you acquire from third-party sources, such as Amazon’s Appstore.

It gives Android users peace of mind. The only problem is, new research has proven that the feature is largely worthless. When Google’s malware scanner was put through its paces, it was able to detect just 15.32% of malicious apps.

Look out for more Android malware in 2013.

One of the biggest reasons I switched from Windows to a Mac all those years ago was OS X’s supposed immunity to malware and viruses. I’ve quickly discovered throughout 2012, however, that my Mac isn’t as safe on the Internet as I’d been led to believe. A new report from antivirus experts Sophos today highlights that.

The company’s Security Threat Report 2013 declares 2012 to be the year of “new platforms and changing threats.” Hackers are switching their focus from Windows to other platforms, including Mac OS X. Today’s biggest target, however, is Google’s Android platform.