A few Cruzerlite Androidified Clone Army TPU cases for the Nexus 7 crossed my desk recently and so I figured why not take a quick look at them and give a couple away. It’s no secret that we’re fans of Cruzerlite products. We love their designs, their quality, and best of all — their price.

There’s just something about the natural beauty of wood that seems to mystify man. You’d be hard-pressed to go your entire day without encountering something that’s been made using this porous material. One area wood has always played an important role in is music. For thousands of years, wood has been used in musical instruments, not only because of its availability, but also because of its beauty and unique sound qualities. When you think about the history between wood and music, it’s no wonder we also see it used in speaker enclosures, headphones, and earbuds.

Do you own a Samsung Infuse 4G or Galaxy S III? Are you looking for a cheap vehicle mount? Then look no further. If you act fast, you can pick up a Samsung Infuse 4G (which also fits the Galaxy S III) vehicle mount from AT&T for the low price of $5. That’s a tough price to beat, and something we’re only used to seeing from some Chinese ebay store — not AT&T.

The Galaxy Note II may just be the most powerful phone when it comes to productivity. With its 5.5-inch screen, S-pen, multi-window and more, it’s obviously built to get things done. So, of course, if there was to be an accessory for the Galaxy Note II, it should be just as large and just as powerful. Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Note II Smart Dock!

It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for robots, especially our adorable little Bugdroid. That’s why I had to get my hands on the ROBO iHome Ri-26 from eKids. I’ve never owned a desktop/portable speaker (I use two Mackie SRM450 speakers I have leftover from my DJ days – wowzers) so I was extremely curious to see what kind of sound could come out of a speaker so tiny.

eKids has a reputation for bringing cute and colorful iHome products that appeal to our inner child and ROBO is no different. It’s small, portable, adorable, rechargeable, and comes in an assortment of colors. The important question is how does it sound? Well, we’ll get into that and other things in the review so read on and see if ROBO should have a place alongside all your other Android accessories.

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