Bring The Natural Beauty Of Wood To Your Ears With MEElectronics Wooden Earbuds [Deal]

There’s just something about the natural beauty of wood that seems to mystify man. You’d be hard-pressed to go your entire day without encountering something that’s been made using this porous material. One area wood has always played an important role in is music. For thousands of years, wood has been used in musical instruments, not only because of its availability, but also because of its beauty and unique sound qualities. When you think about the history between wood and music, it’s no wonder we also see it used in speaker enclosures, headphones, and earbuds.

One company incorporating wood into their earphones is MEElectronics. The natural wooden housing used in their CW31 Clarity Series in-ear headphones not only makes them look classy, but also adds a natural resonance not found in typical plastic housings.

Along with the CW31’s unique look, comes the usual great MEElectronics price. Combine that with the great savings you find on Cult of Android deals and you get yourself a somewhat eco-friendly pair of earbuds for an amazing $24 (40% off retail).

If you’re interested in jumping on this deal, do so quickly as it ends in just 3 days. This promotion is valid to continental USA customers only and includes shipping. Anyone interested can check out the Cult of Android Deals page or simply click on the “Get It Now” link provided after the video.

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