Galaxy Note II Smart Dock Features HDMI Out, 3 USB Ports, 3.5mm Stereo Out, And A $100 Price Tag

The Galaxy Note II may just be the most powerful phone when it comes to productivity. With its 5.5-inch screen, S-pen, multi-window and more, it’s obviously built to get things done. So, of course, if there was to be an accessory for the Galaxy Note II, it should be just as large and just as powerful. Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Note II Smart Dock!

The Galaxy Note II Smart Dock has more ports than Portugal. There’s a full HDMI-out for those times when you want to watch a movie or video on your TV or any larger HDMI-enabled display. There’s 3 full USB ports for hooking up peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard, gaming controller, etc. There’s even a 3.5mm stereo out for those times when bass in your face is an absolute necessity.

There are so many possibilities with a central hub such as the Note II Smart Dock. Use the Smart Dock to turn your phone into a desktop computer, gaming console, jukebox, or simply use it to dock and charge your Note II.

Now before you go throwing your money at the screen, you might want to check out the price. This thing ain’t cheap, and while it’s an amazing accessory, we’re not so sure it’s marketable at the $99.99 Samsung is currently asking for it.

It’s a shame because we absolutely love this powerful accessory, unfortunately we’re not so sure about dropping a cool $100 on it. What do you guys think? Worth every penny, or something you’ll have to pass on until the price comes down?

If you find this accessory to be something you must have now, then hit up the source link below and get your hub on.