Parents Brace Yourselves, Google Extends Carrier Billing To All Types Of Google Play Content

Google announced it will be extending carrier billing services to include all types of content on Google Play. Carrier billing is a “convenient” way to charge digital content directly to your carrier phone bill versus having to use a credit card or separate payment method. While it can be seen as more convenient, it’s also a dangerous road to go down. Our phone bills are already mini-car payments and adding digital content purchases to it can result in astronomical monthly bills.

Unlike using a separate credit card for such purchases, you do not have the luxury of making payments and you take away the credit you build when using a credit card. You also lose on the majority of protections you have when using your credit card. On top of that, the real horror comes when you share a plan or devices with family members (especially ones of the teenage race). If you don’t have the proper settings in place, that mini-car payment can quickly turn into a mini-mortgage payment.

If you still find yourself interested in using carrier billing, Google has provided a handy little table to show us which carriers, in which countries, are supported.

I highly recommend contacting your carrier to find out all the specifics in regards to your protections and options when it comes to carrier billing. For more information on what Google Play content is now eligible, hit up the source links below.

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