Read It Later Becomes Pocket: Gets More Features, Goes Free

If you liked Read It Later, you'll love Pocket. And so will your wallet.

Read It Later, the most popular way for users to save content they find on the web, has just received a new name, stacks of new features, and lost its price tag in a major update released today. Now called Pocket, the new app is free across Android and iOS devices, and delivers a new user interface, video and image filters, favorites, and much, much more.

Pocket claims to be different to other “bookmarking” apps because it allows users to save the content they discover both on the web and within over 300 leading apps, including Flipboard, Twitter, Pulse, and Zite. Over 200 million items have been saved by users since its launch as Read It Later back in 2007, and 33% of those items came from third-party apps.

Surprisingly, 40% of the items saved weren’t news stories, but videos, images, things to buy, travel tips, and recipes instead. Pocket’s most popular source of content is YouTube.

With these things in mind, the new user interface hopes to make it even easier for users to access all of Pocket’s features. It features a beautifully simple layout that’s easy to work with, with fewer toolbars and an all-new full-screen mode. And with image and video filters, you can quickly toggle between different viewing modes for each item, whether you want to see images, videos and text all together, or images and videos on their own.

A new bulk editing, favoriting, and tagging feature makes it easier than ever to organize your Pocket items, and you can search for particular items using keywords, publications, and tags. You can also add stars to your favorite items so they’re quickly there when you want them, and you don’t have to waste time hunting them down.

Finally, in addition to all of this, Pocket is now free across Android, iOS, and all other major platforms. That’s just the icing on the cake, isn’t it?

You can find Pocket in the App Store and on Google Play now.