Leaked photos reveal Samsung’s answer to iPhone XS Max

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 10 — its latest answer to the iPhone XS Max — has been leaked out ahead of its official unveiling in August.

New photos reveal the the flagship version of the phablet in the wild for the first time. It sports a giant edge-to-edge display, as expected. But it’s not just a larger version of the Galaxy S10.

Samsung has already promised that its new Note 10 lineup won’t be affected by the ongoing Galaxy Fold delay. So, we’re still expecting to see it in August, and the first evidence of an imminent debut has now surfaced.

Photos of a Note 10+ — the high-end version of the Note 10 — have been published online. They’re not the best images, unfortunately, but they do give as an early taste of what Samsung has up its sleeve.

Note 10+ ditches depth sensor for smaller cutout

The Note 10+ looks to have an edge-to-edge, “hole-punch display.” That means that, like the Galaxy S10, it has a cutout for its front-facing camera — not a notch. The cutout is centered this time, and it’s smaller than that on the S10+.

That’s because Samsung has appeared to have done away with a front-facing depth sensor. It has also placed the tiny front-facing speaker between the display and the frame of the device so it doesn’t encroach on the screen.

Images of the back of the device confirm its rear-facing cameras will be arranged in a vertically, like those on the iPhone XS Max, rather than horizontally, like those on the S10 and S10+.

What about the design?

Sadly, the images aren’t too sharp and are badly lit, so we can’t tell what the Note 10+ will actually look like. But we expect its exterior to be similar to that of other Samsung flagships, with curved glass panels front and back.

The images also don’t make it any clearer whether the Note 10 lineup will have a headphone jack or microSD card slot. Recent rumors have suggested Samsung will do away with those this year.

Ready to battle iPhone XS Max

The Note series consists of Samsung’s largest flagships, and typically competes with the iPhone XS Max. Its lack of notch may convince some Apple fans to make the switch, but Android vendors have found it difficult to match Face ID.

We’ll have to wait and see whether the Note 10 is a compelling alternative to the XS Max when it makes its debut in the coming months.

Source: TechTalk TV

Via: AndroidBeat