Nintendo kicks off first Mario Kart Tour beta test

Nintendo has finally kicked off its first Mario Kart Tour beta test.

A lucky few have received invites to play the game early ahead of its public release this summer. Nintendo hopes the test will help “improve the quality of the game” before every Mario Kart fan gets their hands on it.

Mario Kart is one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, so it’s no surprise Mario Kart Tour is one of its most anticipated mobile games. It was supposed to make its debut in early 2019, but Nintendo announced in January that it was delayed.

We’re now expecting to get the game this summer, but a lucky few are being invited to try it out early.

Mario Kart Tour sees first beta test

Players on Nintendo’s home turf in Japan are the first to receive beta invites, Nintendo Life reports. They will be able to play the game when testing starts on Wednesday, May 22. Fans in North America are expected to see invites soon.

Nintendo invited Android users in Japan and North America to sign up for the beta last month. There is no news on a test for iOS yet, and there’s no word on expansion into other territories, either.

Testers are being randomly selected by Nintendo, which says the number of spaces is limited.

Don’t expect too many leaks

We will obviously find out more about Mario Kart Tour when the first players get their hands on the game this week. But don’t expect too many leaks. Nintendo has asked testers to refrain from posting images or videos on social media.

Nintendo has also stated that it won’t respond to inquiries regarding the content or implementation of the beta test.

It’s likely we’ll find out more about the game from Nintendo itself during E3 next month. But summer is right around the corner, so assuming there isn’t another delay, it shouldn’t be too long before we all get to play it.