Samsung will make life even harder for iPhone on February 20

Weakening demand for the iPhone could get worse next month when Samsung delivers its next-generation smartphone lineup.

The South Korean company has confirmed a Galaxy Unpacked event on Wednesday, February 20. Its teaser video all but confirms the Galaxy S10 will be the star of the show.

Samsung has long been one of Apple’s biggest rivals in the smartphone industry, with its Galaxy devices posing the most significant threat to the iPhone. And with demand falling for Apple’s most expensive lineup yet, Samsung could take advantage.

We’ll find out on February 20.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked scheduled for February 20

A Samsung tweet, accompanied by a teaser video, confirms a Galaxy Unpacked event for this date. Invitations issued to the press reveal that the keynote will be hosted in San Francisco.

Samsung obviously doesn’t give away much in its 22-second video, but a giant number 10 means there are no prizes for guessing what’s to come. But could there be more to look forward to than the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+?

A Samsung executive confirmed at CES in Las Vegas this week that the company’s first foldable phone, believed to be called the Galaxy Flex, will be available during the first half of 2019. It could also appear during Samsung’s Galaxy S10 event.

What does this mean for iPhone?

The Galaxy Flex probably won’t give Apple too much to worry about. Most consumers will see foldable phones as a gimmick — at least initially — and recent reports have warned that they will be super-expensive at first.

If Samsung is clever, though, it will make the Galaxy S10 lineup as affordable as possible to capitalize on weakening iPhone demand. If it can offer a more impressive device than the iPhone XR for around the same price, it could make 2019 even harder for Apple.