Pokémon Quest takes you on a free, cube-shaped adventure

Polish off those Poké Balls and prepare yourself for battle because Pokémon Quest is finally available on Android and iOS.

The new free-to-play game from The Pokémon Company takes us on an all-new adventure across Tumblecube Island with a fresh spin on filling up your Pokédex.

Pokémon Quest made its debut on the Nintendo Switch in late May, but its simple gameplay and touch controls make it a perfect fit for mobile devices. This is a Pokémon game you can take anywhere and enjoy at any time.

Just don’t expect a typical Pokémon adventure.

Pokémon Quest is a brand new adventure

The Pokémon Company describes it as an expedition RPG that takes place in a world filled with cube-shaped Pokémon. Your mission is to travel the lands with your team of pocket monsters and do battle to uncover hidden items.

Some of those items will help make your Pokémon stronger, while others are used for cooking. You see, rather than catching Pokémon in the wild, you cook various recipes that attract them to your base camp.

After completing all levels in a certain area, you will also be rewarded with camp decorations, each of which has its advantages, such as increasing the number of items you earn during battle.

Pokémon Quest is completely free

Pokémon Quest is completely free-to-play on mobile (and Nintendo Switch), and you can enjoy the game in its entirety without paying for in-app purchases.

There is the option to purchase additional Pokémon Tickets, new camp decorations, and more — but you don’t have to pay up to progress.

Download Pokémon Quest from the App Store and Google Play today.