Twitter gives you more control over pesky notifications

Twitter’s latest update gives users more control over the notifications they receive. It’s now easier than ever to block pesky alerts while still receiving those you want to see.

A recent change to Twitter made it possible to mute notifications from accounts that still carry the default profile photo (the egg), those without a confirmed email address or phone number, and those you don’t follow. Now there are even more options.

With the latest update, you can mute notifications from users who do not follow you, and those with a new account.

You can update your settings on mobile by tapping the Notifications tab, then selecting the gear icon. If you’re using Twitter on the web, click Notifications, then click Settings. Simply check the boxes to mute notifications you’re not interested in.

These notifications will still appear in the Notifications sections on mobile and the web, so you won’t miss them altogether, but you won’t receive an alert on your smartphone or tablet when you receive them.

The changes are all about curbing abuse. Offensive tweets often come from new accounts without confirmed credentials, and users who do not follow you. The ability to mute these makes it easier to avoid the stick.