Spotify’s new Driving Mode needs no hands

Spotify has begun testing a new Driving Mode feature on mobile that makes its app easier to control behind the wheel. It offers larger buttons, supports voice control, and announces songs before they play.

Many media apps now offer a driving mode that hopes to minimize distractions while you’re on the road. Spotify’s allows you to keep your head up by providing a simply interface that’s easy to operate — even without hands.

Driving Mode, which is activated by tapping the new car icon that appears at the bottom of the now playing screen, is currently being tested with a small number of users on Android, according to a post on Reddit.

When enabled, it takes away most controls, but leaves you with enlarged forward and backward buttons. There’s also a large microphone icon that will allow you to select music and access other features using your voice, but it seems this isn’t ready yet.

In addition to the new interface, Driving Mode has the ability to announce songs before they play. This ensures you know what’s up next without having to look at your phone at all.

Spotify tests new features with small numbers of users all the time, and not every one makes it into a final version of the app. Driving Mode could be scrapped before most of us get our hands on it, then, but it seems like a good addition to the Spotify app.