Huge Pokémon GO update to bring better gyms, raid battles

Pokémon GO is getting a massive update this summer that will introduce a number of new features to make the game more accessible, more social, and more exciting.

Players can look forward to revamped gyms that give out gym badges, multiplayer raid battles, and lots more.

Pokémon GO has lost a bit of steam since its massively successful debut — and that’s understandable — but it certainly isn’t dying. The game still boasts over 65 million active monthly players, who keep coming back to catch and battle their favorite pocket monsters.

The big rolling out this summer will give players an even bigger reason to continue loading up the game by delivering two big features: Revamped gyms and multiplayer raid battles.

Revamped gyms

There are a whole host of changes and improvements coming to gyms. Not only will they double as PokéStops, but you’ll have the chance to spin a disc — like those at traditional PokéStops — to earn items like Poké Balls, berries, and more.

Gyms will also distribute gym badges to those who conquer the resident Pokémon, just like in the original games, and they will offer six permanent defender slots that are filled by the controlling team. Pokémon will be fought in the order they’re added, rather than based on their strength.

Controlling Pokémon will also be impacted by a new motivation system. Over time, they will lose motivation causing their combat power (CP) to drop. This will make it easier for players to battle more commanding teams, however, team players can raise motivation by feeding berries.

Multiplayer raids

If the existing gym battles aren’t exciting enough for you, then you can now take part in multiplayer raids. These allow up to 20 players to work together to tackle rare and extremely powerful bosses that temporarily appear at gyms throughout the game.

An egg will appear at a gym and a timer will let players know when a raid boss will hatch. You’ll be able to team up with players from any team to take them down, and winning will reward you with special items, including rare candy and golden razz berries.

Players will also have the opportunity to catch the rare Pokémon once it has been defeated, so be sure to stock up on balls before a raid battle commences.

Coming soon

Niantic says these changes are coming to Pokémon GO on Android and iOS “soon,” but until that happens, gyms will be temporarily disabled. Once the update has reached all players, gyms will return.