Google’s Nexus Tablet To Ship In June [Rumor]

A rumored press shot of Google's tablet, which is said to be launching in June.

The Google-branded Nexus tablet has been in the rumor-mill for quite sometime. According to rumors, the Mountain View-based company is expected to ship its own branded tablet, with the help of Asus to manufacture it. Google has also been rumored to sell it through an online store, much like it did with the Nexus One. According to a new report this morning, Google is waiting to ship the new tablet in June, pushing it back from the rumored May launch. The wait is reportedly to lower costs from $249, which will put the tablet on a more competitive level.

The Nexus tablet will presumably be brought down to $199 to compete with Amazon’s popular Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire has seen a decent amount of sales and has raised Android’s tablet marketshare by huge numbers. Google hopes that by selling its own tablet through an online store like Amazon, it can see similar sales, and continue to raise Android’s tablet marketshare.

The Verge, quoting sources familiar with the matter, said in a report this morning that Google and Asus will launch the tablet in June at the earliest. The tablet is rumored to have a decent set of specs, including a  a 7-inch screen, Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor, and Wi-Fi capabilities. But perhaps most notably, it will have a pure Android experience — like the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S.

A tablet priced at $199 most likely won’t be only coming out of Google this summer. NVIDIA’s CEO revealed the company’s plans to announce a quad-core tablet, priced at $199. There have also been reports that Amazon will announce a new Kindle Fire.

Tablets priced at $199 offer a cheap alternative to more expensive tablets like the Transformer Prime, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and Apple’s iPad. Would you buy a tablet sold directly by Google?