Google To Launch Nexus Tablet Via Online Store [Rumor]

Google has been rumored to sell a Nexus-style tablet on its own for a few months. Today, a new report once again backs up previous rumors, saying Google will sell its own tablet through an online store, much like Amazon does with its Kindle Fire. Samsung and Asus are among the rumored manufacturers. 

The Wall Street Journal’s sources say the online store will rival Apple and Amazon’s, and is going to be put in place to help boost sluggish Android tablet sales. The only Android tablet that seems to be seeing any type of success is the Kindle Fire, which is priced at $199.

According to the report, Google’s flagship tablet may also be priced at $199 which offers a great price point to those looking to get into the tablet market. While Asus sounds like Google’s number one choice to manufacture the “Nexus tablet,” Samsung may also be a candidate.

Introduced in 2010, Google launched the Nexus One manufactured by HTC. Google followed the same rumored plan as the new tablet and sold the phone in an online store only. It was not very successful, but the more recent Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus have seen a bit of success.

Perhaps what would be most successful, is if Google put its flagship tablet in more people’s eyes in retail stores. It has seemed to work for the Kindle Fire, which has raised the Android tablet marketshare substantially.

Would you purchase an Android tablet sold directly by Google?