$199 Tablet Coming From NVIDIA This Summer

Riding off the success of Amazon’s $199 Kindle Fire, NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said today that the company may launch a 7-inch tablet at the same price point this summer. Originally rumored to be priced at $249, the tablet will feature NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor and other components. A quad-core processor in a $199 tablet sounds great.

But with pricing a tablet at such a low cost, this means the company will have to put cheaper parts into the 7-inch device. Hopefully that doesn’t mean battery life or screen size lacks as a result.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire has seen a solid amount of sales, as customers just entering the tablet market find it as a cheaper alternative. The sweet spot for the Fire also seems to be its software, which is a custom version of Android. It provides deeper integration with Amazon’s services, which essentially allows for customers to consume content easier. Presumably being a hardware company, NVIDIA wouldn’t develop custom software, but just throw on a version of Android.

I believe if NVIDIA can include a quad-core processor, long-life battery, and good looking screen, the tablet could sell well — especially in foreign markets. What do you think about a $199 tablet?

[via NY Times]