Truly wireless home security, watches made of paper and more [Crowdfund Roundup]

Crowdfund Roundup bugNeed a home security camera that’s super-simple to set up? Look no further than the Reolink Argus — the world’s first completely wireless camera. It’s battery-powered, streams 1080p video over Wi-Fi, and has built-in night vision.

It’s just one of the awesome ideas in this week’s Crowdfund Roundup. We’ve also got an iPad screen protector that feels like real paper, a ZX Spectrum reborn, a watch made of paper, and more!

PaperLike — make your iPad Pro feel like real paper

Apple has made it incredibly easy to draw and sketch on iPad Pro, but it still feels like you’re using a touchscreen. PaperLike makes that touchscreen feel more like real paper for a more authentic experience that could make your next work of art even greater.

PaperLike is essentially a screen protector, so it’s incredibly easy to install and protects your display from scratches while you’re using it. But rather than being just as smooth and as shiny as your iPad’s display, it’s textured to feel like real paper.

That texture also helps reduce glare, and prevents unsightly fingerprints. You can pre-order yours now through Kickstarter for just €17 if you have a 9.7-inch iPad, or €19 if you have the 12.9-inch model. Shipping is scheduled to begin this June.

ZX Spectrum Next — the 8-bit computer reborn

Modern-day gaming could not be better, but sometimes it’s nice to relive the classics you grew up with. If the ZX Spectrum holds a place in your heart, you’ll love the ZX Spectrum Next.

It’s a brand new machine packed with improvements and expansions that’s fully-compatible with Sinclair’s original computer. You can use it to play games, breath new life into your original hardware, and more. It’s also a darn sight prettier than the 1983 model.

You can pre-order the board itself for £99, or you can get the complete ZX Spectrum Next in all its glory — including the case and accessories — for £175. The board is scheduled to begin shipping in August, but you’ll have to wait until January for the complete computer.

PAPR Watch — the watch made of paper

Don’t you ever wish your watch was as light as paper? PAPR Watch is.

Available in 29 different designs, PAPR Watch is made out of real paper, yet promises to be waterproof and durable. In keeping with its simplistic design, it shows you the time and date and nothing else. There are no distracting notifications, and no alerts asking you to stand or walk.

PAPR Watch is held together by magnets, and fits wrists up to 21cm in size. You can pre-order your PAPR Watch today through Indiegogo for as little as €30. Shipping is scheduled to begin in August.

Fidgi Pen — a fidget toy that’s also a pen

Fidget toys that keep your fingers occupied while you procrastinate are all the rage these days, and Fidgi Pen makes them practical. It packs the balls, clips, and switches your fingers want to mess with, as well as a roller bell pen that helps you stay somewhat productive during a boring day in the office.

Fidgi Pen is available for as little as $24 right now on Indiegogo. You’ll get yours this August.

Reolink Argus — the truly wireless home security camera

Many of today’s “wireless” gadgets aren’t really wireless; they require a cable of some kind at some point. But that’s not the case with Reolink Argus, the world’s first truly wireless home security camera that’s powered by replaceable batteries and streams to your smartphone via Wi-Fi.

The camera boasts a built-in motion sensor, a 130-degree wide-angle lens, two-way audio, 1080p video recording, and night vision. It can store videos on an SD card and stream them live to your smartphone or tablet, and it’s water-resistant, which makes it ideal for outside.

The camera is powered by four CR123A batteries that last months before they need to be replaced, thanks to advanced power-saving technology. It also ships with a magnetic base that lets you position the camera in any direction.

You can pre-order your Reolink Argus at early bird pricing of just $80. Shipping is set for May 2017.