Pro photo studio for iPhone, world’s smallest tactical knife and more [Crowdfund Roundup]

Crowdfund Roundup bugToday’s smartphone cameras are capable of taking exceptional photos and videos, but they’re lacking some things — like brighter flashes and professional microphones. You can add these things and still be portable with the impressive miniRIG.

It’s just one of the awesome ideas in this week’s Crowdfund Roundup. We also have the world’s smallest tactical pocket knife, a neat device that turns any surface into a smart interface, and more!

B-2 Nano Blade — the world’s smallest tactical knife

Promising to be the last pocket knife you’ll ever need, the B-2 Nano Blade was designed to endure the toughest tasks while being small enough to carry everywhere without notice. “In other words, we wanted an all around badass pocket knife that was fully concealable,” its creators say.

The B-2 Nano Blade was inspired by the B-2 Stealth Bomber. Its blade has a sharp, straight edge at one end, and serrated teeth at the other for tougher materials like wood. It’s also perforated so that the materials you slice don’t get stuck to the blade.

When opened, the B-2 measures just 80mm long, and 48mm when closed. It’s only 20mm wide and 5mm thick. That means it’s small enough to carry comfortably in your pocket, or even on your keychain.

You can order your B-2 through Kickstarter now with a pledge of just $25. Shipping is scheduled to begin in February 2018.

Welle — turn any surface into a smart interface

Who needs buttons and touchscreens? With Welle, you can turn any surface into a smart interface that lets you interact with all manner of devices.

Welle can replace traditional remote controls and add additional input methods to things like laptops and tablets. It can be used to control smart appliances around your home, presentations in the office, and lots more. My description really doesn’t do it justice, so check out the video above.

Despite the endless list of possibilities, Welle is still affordable. You can currently claim yours on Kickstarter with a pledge of $69. Shipping is scheduled to begin this October.

miniRIG — a compact mobile studio

Turn your iPhone into the ultimate mobile studio with miniRIG. This portable, all-in-one system lets you combine your smartphone with all kinds of interchangeable accessories for better photos and videos, including lights, microphones, and more.

You’ll get sharper and brighter photos free from motion blue, smoother and more stable video, and greater sound — without losing portability. It’s so versatile, you’ll find all kinds of ways to use it to suit your shooting needs.

The miniRIG starts at just £38 with super early bird pricing on Kickstarter, and you can order yours now for delivery this September.

Earmo — the smart, ultra-fast thermometer

Designed by parents, Earmo is the ultimate smart thermometer that’s ideal for kids.

It takes temperatures in just 1 second, and syncs them to your smartphone so that you can keep track of them over time. Built-in lights let you see the temperature clearly and in the dark, and display cute emoticons that give you a clear indication whether your child is too hot.

The companion app lets you keep track of the whole family’s readings, and offers suggestions to combat a fever. You can also use it to share data with your doctor in an instant.

Earmo can be pre-ordered on Indiegogo right now for $49 — 51 percent off its MSRP. It’s scheduled to begin shipping this June.

The Jül — a heated smart mug for tea and coffee

Don’t you just hate it when you make yourself a fresh coffee, and it’s cold before you get a chance to drink it? Jül is an intelligent tumbler that prevents that from happening. It keeps hot drinks hot from the first sip to the last.

Jül gives you complete control over the temperature of your drink (from 120 to 150 degrees), so it’s always perfect no matter how you like it. A built-in light lets you know when your ideal temperature has been reached, and it’s powered by USB, so it’s perfect for your desk.

Jül also has a sealed lid that lets you transport your drink if you need to dash out, and there’s even a coaster designed for your car that will keep your coffee warm on the road.

Jül starts at $45 with a standard USB coaster and wall adapter, and shipping is set to begin this October. You can order yours now through Kickstarter.