Sorry Samsung! iPhone 7 still outperforms the Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 might be packing a brand new Qualcomm processor, and it might outpace the iPhone 7 easily in benchmark tests. But when it comes to real-world performance, Apple’s 7-month-old smartphone proves it’s still king.

There’s no denying the Galaxy S8 is insanely fast. Its Snapdragon 835 chip boasts eight Kryo processing cores and up to 25 percent faster Adreno 540 graphics, allowing it to play GameCube games at full speed inside an emulator.

The Galaxy S8 is certainly the fastest Android-powered smartphone available today, but the iPhone proves that raw performance isn’t everything without excellent software to go with it. Benchmarks mean nothing when real-world performance doesn’t match up.

Despite fewer processing cores and slower clock speeds, the iPhone 7 still handles everyday tasks better than Samsung’s latest flagship. In the video below, you’ll see it loading apps, multitasking, and even processing 4K video faster than the Galaxy S8.

This is obviously something to bear in mind if smartphone performance is important to you. While the Galaxy S8 might look faster on paper, it’s not until you use it for everyday things that your realize it’s still not quite as snappy as the iPhone 7.

Having said that, it’s certainly not slow, either. Unless you put these handsets side-by-side, the differences aren’t really noticeable, and the Galaxy S8 will still feel incredibly fast if it’s the only handset you’re using.